Canigó Remolcs persents their new BALLOON ROLLER

Canigó Remolcs persents their new BALLOON ROLLER

Canigó Remolcs wants to present a new video from one of the latest products for ballooning, the balloon trailer equipped with hydraulic crane able to load passenger baskets completely automatic.


Moreover, the team have been thinking in collecting the envelope easier so the company have developed a machine to make it automatic. We have been at some festivals showing always our news. So this time, you can find us for the fifth time at European Balloon Festival from Igualda, showing the BALLOON ROLLER.

In a few days you are able to visit in our stand at the briefing area at Lorraine Mondial Air Balloon, where we will be there presenting the new BALLOON ROLLER and some more products.




When LMAB’15 is finished we will post machine technical specifications, characteristics and pictures in our website, where you can also see other balloon products.


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