Mod. S’Agaró

Luxury trailer to transport a three-seater jet ski.

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  • Luxury trailer to transport a three-seater jet ski.
  • Robust chassis.
  • Manual winch of 900kg with adjustable height and position.
  • Finnish board footrest to tie the Jet Ski easily.
  • Brackets with sliding polyethylene tubes to facilitate the loading of the jet ski.
  • Back roller to facilitate the jet ski access to the trailer.
  • Revolving light plate to avoid contact with water.
  • Hermetic boxes for carrying tools and/or equipment.
  • Aluminium tire wheels.
  • Duty jockey wheel.
  • Painted and galvanized finish.

3.970 mm.


1.600 mm.


600 mm.


140 kg.

Independent torsion suspension axle

750 kg.

Aluminium tire wheels


Spare wheel


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