Catalonia Ballon Championship held in Agramunt

Catalonia Ballon Championship held in Agramunt

The Catalan Hot Air Balloon Championship has been in Agramunt this weekend. The classification has been very competitive until de last task, where the pilot of Ultramàgic, Josep Mª Lladó became the winner of the competition. From Canigó Remolcs we want to congratulate him.




We also want to congratulate the winner of “Canigó targets”. Two of the task of this championship had special prize. Jordi Díaz has won both tasks.

Moment when Jordi Díaz throw the marker and become winner of one “Canigó target”.



Moment of delibery of special prizes: two automatic fan brackets.


foto-entrega_optimitzadaFooter image: (left side) Ot Padullés, responsible of Canigó Remolcs give prize to winner, Jordi Díaz (right side).


We wish to all teams you like the area and have enjoyed your stay in Agramunt.

We hope we can see you in other championships in our town. We thank the Organization for all the job done, the Council for its cooperation and specially, to all the Balloon Teams for taking part of this.

See you and…many good flights!!!

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